5 day Winter Mountaineering Course | Aviemore, Cairngorms, Scotland | Scottish Rock & Water

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Aviemore, Cairngorms, Scotland


Challenging - 7


5 days


Min: 2 Max: 3


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Our five-day mountaineering course gives us the opportunity to cover more aspects of looking after yourself and get more in depth with the techniques to get you moving with confidence over different types of terrain. We're here give you the skills, knowledge and tools to be able to make safe decisions in the mountains from the forecasts, terrain & how to climb safely your routes with the knowledge gained over the five days.


Any technical equipment, crampons, ice axe, harness & helmet is included in the price

Effectively planning your days in the mountains, using weather and avalanche forecasts

Avalanche awareness/avoidance and its implications for safe route choice

Basic rope work, tying in, belaying leader and second

Construction of snow anchors, with uses for ascent and descent, inc abseiling

Safe selection and use of natural rock anchors

Coaching to develop your movement and technique on steep/varied terrain

Revisiting core winter skills, such as efficient use of crampons and ice axe

What's included?

✓  Highly experienced & qualified guide

✓  On-course transport

✓  Crampons

✓  Mountaineering axe

✓  Harness

✓  Helmet

✓  Ropes

✓  Any climbing hardware i.e. slings, carabiners, wires etc

✓  Shovels

✓  Group shelter

✓  First Aid kit

✓  Photos from your course

What's not included?

✗  Course Insurance

✗  Winter Boots

What do I need to bring?

  • Quality waterproofs i.e. Gore-tex or similar 

  • B2-B3 style boots

  • Hat, waterproof gloves plus spares x 2 minimum

  • Winter walking socks

  • We advise wearing 2-3 thinner layers rather than one thick layer so you can adjust your temperature during the activity

  • 'Belay' type jacket

  • Wicking base layers, top & bottoms

  • Goggles, double clear lens recommended

  • Head torch, plus spare batteries

  • Balaclava and neck gaiter

  • Lunch & warm drink

  • Rucksack 30-40ltr

  • 4 season sleeping bag to snow hole if the conditions are favourable 

What else can we provide?

  • Reservation for boot hire

  • Pick up & drop-offs

  • Accommodation