Covid 19

Covid -19

We're good to go, adhering to the industry standards across all four home nations.

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Here at SRW we want people to come and explore the mountains, rivers and sea. As much as we love showing people these special places we have a legal and morale responsibility to do our part for the current situation with the virus.

We are still taking booking for future trips/courses but feel the need to try and minimise this to both the local area and the whole of Scotland and will be in accordance to the current government guidance and legislation.  This is why we are part of the We’re Good to Go scheme, an industry standard across all 4 home nations.

We have some FAQ below and feel free to get in touch if you still can't find an answer to your questions.


We understand that you may be a bit nervous about travelling and booking in the current circumstances. As expected, there will be changes to the way we deliver our adventures. However, we want to ensure you that you are in safe hands and we have procedures in place that will allow us to deliver a safe, memorable and enjoyable trip. 

With the mandatory practises of wearing masks now been relaxed, we are adhering to government guidance. With this in mind, mainly in transport we will leave it to the discretion of the individuals to make their own decisions on whether to wear masks or not.






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